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Tarot Card Reading
Healing Mantra
Tarot Reading is an ancient divinatory art that uses cards to represent numerous situations in a person’s life related to past, present, and future. It is used to predict the answers using Tarot Cards and their symbols. A typical reading of the cards mirrors our past decisions, validates our present situation, and projects a probable future for your consideration.

At Healing Mantra, we can provide you a thought of where you are present, where you’ve originated from, where you need to be, and how to get there. In tarot, we believe that the future is already fed in a human’s subconscious mind and by meditation and vibrations, we try to achieve the answer through a tarot reading. In tarot cards, every color, sign, number, and symbol has its meaning.

Expert Tarot Reading Consultation

Gain Clarity

Tarot Reading help you to connect with your intuition and encourage you to make positive decisions in the future. You may gain a new perspective on life and leave your reading with a new found sense of awareness and knowledge.

Identify Area of Improvements

Tarot Card help us identify which aspects of our lives are in need of a bit of love and nurturing while giving us a nudge in the right direction.

Find Peace

Tarot reading could help you overcome your struggles and achieve a sense of calm.

Make a Difficult Decision

Tarot could help you decide which path is for you. Although it cannot predict your future or tell you which road to take, it can give you new insight into your life and inspire you to make a promising decision.

Improve your Life

Tarot will help you diagnose the facets of your life or personality that are in need of renewal and repair while inspiring you to take actionable steps to become a better person.

Nurture your Relationships

Tarot can help you create and nurture harmonious relationships with others. It will encourage you to clear away negative energy and give you the motivation to take positive risks.

Crystal Therapy
Healing Mantra
Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures. It is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues using various forms of natural crystals. Crystals each contain their unique vibration. When you place crystals within the aura – your aura’s vibration will change. If subjected to some outside force such as heat, pressure, electricity or light, crystals are able to make minute adjustments to restore their internal stability. It is this quality that makes crystals so important in so many different areas of technology.

Expert Crystal Therapy Consultation

Healing Crystals for Health

1. Clear Quartz: a clear crystal considered a master healer and believed to support the entire energetic system
2. Jasper: a nurturing stone said to provide support during times of stress
3. Obsidian: believed to help process emotions and experiences and aid in letting go
4. Amethyst: used for healing, purifying, and enhancing willpower
5. Bloodstone: said to improve circulation and provide support to blood-related issues

Healing Crystals for Wealth

1. Tiger’s eye: said to provide motivation and lessen fear
2. Citrine: believed to spark enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration
3. Turquoise: thought to soothe emotions and attract good luck
4. Sapphire: known as a stone of prosperity
5. Jade: another well-known stone for prosperity and luck

Healing Crystals for Love

1. Rose Quartz: sometimes referred to as the stone of love and believed to encourage love and trust
2. Moonstone: said to prompt feelings of inner strength and growth
3. Ruby: believed to support sexuality and sensuality

Pendulum Therapy
Healing Mantra
Pendulum helps in promoting spiritual and physical healing by locating any blocks in a person’s chi (energy). It is a simple tool which helps in balancing, healing and clearing our mind and body. They help us seek answers to certain questions by picking on subtle vibrations. Pendulums have long been used as tools for spiritual therapy and inner growth.

In the healing world, it is believed that wooden pendulum is the best for spiritual therapy as it provides the most clarity and does not cloud the thoughts or information thus obtained by the therapist.

Pendulum therapy helps balance the chakras of the body. Like everything in the universe, our bodies are also made of energy. Chakras are 7 centres of our bodies beginning at the base of the spine and going upwards till the nape of the neck. These chakras balance all the energies present in our body, mind, and spirit. These chakras have the potential for imbalance. This happens due to the presence of illnesses and other negative energies around us.

Expert Pendulum Therapy Consultation

Pendulum Therapy for Healing

Pendulum Therapy helps you detect negative energies and connect with higher spiritual energies. The pendulum is used as a tool to answer questions related to a person’s mind. The pendulum helps seek answers to certain questions and provides you guidance, understanding, and awareness, which in turn heals you.

Pendulum helps in Spiritual Healing

Pendulums are divination tools which help in detecting the energy blockage in the body. Here are some of the healing treatments which one can do by using pendulums:
1.Chakra balancing
2. Aura cleansing
3. Clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body
4. Grounding

Pendulum helps with Chakra Balancing

Holding the pendulum over all the seven chakras of the body helps in revealing the imbalance and energy blocks in the chakras.

Vastu Consultation
Healing Mantra

Vastu helps in setting the things correctly balancing the five elements(Earth, fire, water, space, and air) and energy fields. Healing Mantra offers Vastu Consultation to those clients who are planning to buy a property in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Vastu Consultation is also provided to people who have already occupied spaces either by buying or leasing it.

We at Healing Mantra are an experienced team of Vastu Consultants, that has in-depth knowledge and expertise and we are capable of offering Vastu Remedies, without any structural or demolition of the original property.

Our consultants help you with solutions for the problems related to health, wealth, career, marriage, education, creativity, kitchen, doors, bedrooms, study room, pooja room, business, shops, offices, corporates, factory, hospital, industries, hotels, educational institutes etc.

Expert Vastu Consultation

Energy Harmonizing

Vastu compliant homes are built considering the natural elements, equivalent principles are used to balance or harmonize the energies from the cosmos, the sun, moon, earth, light and wind.

More Happiness

The perfect Vastu settings can make you feel relaxed when you return from a stressful day at work.

Gain in Financial Position

Correct application of these Vastu principles has the potential to uplift your economical condition.


What kind of Questions can I Ask?

Relationships, negotiations, work dynamics, career, office politics, family matters, spiritual well-being.

What is the mode of Payment?

You can choose from multiple payment modes like Google Pay, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card.

For offline payment, you need to book an appointment over call – +(91) 9967 458 882 / +(91) 9518 908 968

What can you Expect on 10 Minutes Read?

During the first 10 minutes of your session you’ll be able to get a general idea of your advisor’s style. You can ask any one of the major problem that you are struggling to solve right now. Our experts will guide with the right care and solution to step out from the phase you are in.

How can I reschedule the Session?

To reschedule the session, you need to contact our experts or you will get a link to reschedule your session online. You cannot be able to reschedule the session prior 2 hours of scheduled time.  You can reschedule your session only once.

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