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Our Vision is to become a pioneer in the field of healing and support mankind with right guidance and values to promote happy & cheerful life.

About Us

Healing mantra is a one stop solution for healing your mind, body and spiritual energies.

It is not important what we do at Healing Mantra, it is important how we treat our clients with a personal care and touch with transform negative energy to positive. We care your mental health and here we offer a wide range of reading & astrology services like tarot reading, crystal therapy, pendulum therapy & vastu consultancy.

We have around 13 year experience in Tarot Reading, Tarot Healing, Crystals Therapy and Pendulum Therapy. We also provide guidance about Vastu and Energies that we can easily connect with energies to solve the issues. We have more than 600 happy customers.  So what are you waiting for, Connect with us now.




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Healing Mantra Team

Vilas Chavan

Vilas is a Tarot Reade loves to help his clients when they are in need. His readings are spirit-guided and he works according to astrology ethics to bring stability in the lives of the people. However, his main motive is to give you clarity and insights reading your life and also to empower you with the spiritual knowledge of different energies that are revolving around us. Apart from this, you can connect him regarding marriage consultation, career and business, love and relationship, wealth and property, career issues and much more. The remedies he provides are very easy and effective and are proven to be accurate most of the time. Moreover, his customers are always satisfied with his solutions and remedies. He treats all his customers on a personal level and tries to build a relationship with him.

Sachin Sakpal

Sachin is an experienced Tarot Reader who loves to heal their clients with various skilled techniques. He believes that there is no other tool on earth that can provide insight, Magic, And Transformative power like spiritual healing and tarot reading. His readings are spirit-guided and he works according to astrology ethics to bring stability in the lives of the people. He has helped many who came to him for assistance to overcome their sorrow and turn them more insightful and competent to deal with the situation. He has developed his expertise in Vastu Consultancy, Tarot reading, Astrology, Numerology, and personal counselling. Besides these, his areas of specialization include Career, Love relationship, Marriage, and progeny related issues.

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